Shana Schottenstein

Shana (Shottsy) Schottenstein


I'm Shottsy, a fantasy illustrator and character designer. I'm known for my expressive creations and vibrant art. My style ranges from cartoony to fantasy realism.

I have been trained by some of the great animators and creators of the past including Joe Murray, whom I credit with pushing me and giving me the courage to create my business and all of the experiences that have followed.

My passion lies in telling stories and bringing characters to life.

I have run my own business for ten years traveling all over the country selling my artwork, novel and and handcrafted wire sculptures. My dragon sculptures have won many awards and have been Juried into some of the largest conventions such as Dragon Con.

When I am not drawing I am working on the next installation of my fantasy novel The Color of Fire , designing plush toys and other products for our conventions and creating whimsical characters with jewelry wire.

Now with how busy I am with shows and creating new art, I am looking for licensing opportunities to take my art further. It is always been a dream of mine to see my work on products in a store. I am open for representation and licensing opportunities. If you think my work would be a good fit for your products I'd love to hear from you!

You can send me an email at or contact me through my "Contact" page at the top.


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